The Estaminet

The oil lamps sent smoky tendrils towards the low beams of the blackened ceiling. Across the back wall, a faded tapestry of the Last Supper hung, sagging with the weight of years. Small recessed windows […]

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Long Time Ago

The drawer creaked as she pulled it towards her; a gentle sigh of a creak. The musty smell of aged paper, laced with a touch of lavender made her nose wrinkle. It matched the house; […]

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Getting on

“Mummy, my throat hurts.” That is what I remember of the descent into hell. From a darkened room, a cold wet cloth over my forehead, my stomach churning; to a hospital isolation ward full of […]

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Mary shuddered as the cold wind blew through her thin blouse, her hands shaking as they gripped the reins, guiding her horse up the steep hill, between the tall mountain ash and the granite rocks. […]

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